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Wealth Creation: (Mutual Funds, PMS, AIF)

One cannot create wealth by just earning more money. You have to invest your savings to create a parallel stream of income. This process of investing your saved money to grow your wealth by choosing investments that align with your financial goals is called wealth creation.

For sufficient wealth creation, apart from choosing the right investment, you also have to give your investments sufficient time to grow.

You need to maximize the benefit of compounding by investing as early in life as possible. Early starters have the opportunity to stay invested longer, which makes it easier for them to reach various financial goals.

Another way to ensure you achieve your wealth creation goal is to increase your investments in line with the increase in your income. If you are a salaried person, you would get an annual increment. If you increase your monthly investments by the same proportion as your annual increment every year, you will be able to save significantly more. After all, how much you invest matters more than your returns especially when you are starting your investment journey.

As the type of goal and time horizon varies from one individual to another, there is no single guaranteed way to create wealth. For example, if you are investing for the long term, equity-oriented investments are more suitable as compared to Debt-oriented investments. On the other hand, Debt and Hybrid Mutual Funds are more suitable for short and medium-term investment goals.